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About Us - Who's Wrapping?

Chef Anjali & Chef Kathy

Chef Kathy

chef de cuisine, KATHY GILLIS

Chef Kathy worked as a catering manager for several years before becoming the Executive Chef of Hotstix-Stirfry. While at Hotfix, she graduated from culinary school. Her extensive on-the-job restaurant experience and professional culinary training resulted in exceptional kitchen work ethics and nourished her passion to create the special and flavorful signature cuisine served by Perhaps A Wrap?™.

Chef Anjali

executive sous chef, ANJALI JAIN

Chef Anjali, a dedicated chef-in-training, brings her fresh creativity into our kitchen. In service to Atlanta seniors, Chef Anjali volunteered at a renowned senior citizen recreational facility where she quickly mastered culinary techniques for serving large numbers of patrons.

Two young chefs...we're putting our high energy minds together to create fun, fresh, and bold-flavored Perhaps A Wrap?™ specialty items just for you.

Our restaurateur partnership was made possible by a loving investor (and mom to Chef Anjali), Dr. Sunaina Jain, a special woman who believed in us and our passion to create a scrumptious new food concept! We are deeply grateful.

We are inspired by the vision of HOPE, Helping Others Pursue Excellence, and it's our goal to help inspire other women and teenagers about the importance of reaching their values and goals in life. Stay tuned...

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